Business accounts


Just wondering is there any plans to offer business accounts? Especially for small business. I need to open one soon, and would prefer to go with an online minimal to zero fee paying one given the transactions would be variable and seasonal. is this something you would know @robert ?
If there isn’t any imminent plan to do so, could anyone give some recommendations??


Starling is a nice place to start. Coconut is good too, much more feature rich.


To be honest I think some more information is needed.

Is it a sole trader? Limited?

I’m assuming sole trader as you said small business. Do you handle a lot of cash? Is your business in a position that it takes mostly card?

I’m going to say Starling is probably a good choice though, regardless of how your business operates!


Thanks @Recchan, initially yes its on a sole trader basis with the possibility of going ltd within the next couple of years. 60-40% card/cash transactions expected using sum-up. I’ve just bee looking at both Starling and Coconut as suggested by @Codf. There seems to be more information provided by Starling at this point.