#AskAC - episode 4 - Meet the New Team


Here’s the latest episode of our series where we get to ask questions of Aritra Chakravarty (aka @AC) and also hear from others behind the scenes at Dozens.

We normally ask your questions and invite the most relevant member of the team to join us, but this time we invited some of the newest and oldest members of the team to join us so you could meet them and hear a little more of their stories.

We trust you’ll find the stories interesting, and learn a bit more about Dozens, too (and if you listen carefully there we also talk about ways that you might potentially join the team too, if interested).

Don’t forget to send us your questions and comments so we can answer them in the next recording.

Joining AC and me for this episode were:

  • Catherine Alani, VP Scaling
  • Sam Elamin, Head of Data Engineering
  • Irina Bulygina, Technical Product Manager
  • Igor Tomych, VP Technology

Is this part one of the recruitment process? if you listen carefully and do as said you’re instantly through to the second stage? :wink::joy::joy::joy:


it would be a start … like a treasure hunt!


I can confirm after spending a couple of afternoons with the dozens team that you will never meet a more ambitious or passionate bunch of people with customer focussed growth in mind! So much exciting stuff in the pipeline - can’t wait to see how it all comes together!