Apple Pay


We all love Apple Pay. Hoping it will come, at some point.


Both Google and Apple pay are planned to be added within a few months I believe


Great news, couldn’t find anything but guess it could be all NDAs and what not :joy:


Here’s the quote from Rob when replying to one of the early questions in the trailblazers group :slight_smile:

at launch neither of the Apple or Google Pay options (for contactless payments) will be available. This is something we will be rolling out in the near future (a few months).


I :heart: you guys!

I feel like you know what’s going on better than I do :slight_smile:

Yes, we are working on ensuring that our cards can be added to ApplePay, GooglePay, Tesco et al but these require several months of applications and testing and since we’ve only just officially launched there’s a gap of time where the earliest users will not be able to use these.

We are definitely working on this, along with other similar upgrades, that will come online over the next few months.


Looking forward to receiving my card and giving everything a go!!


Oh hai guise

Where is Apple Pay, is Apple Pay here yet?


Have just received my card and looking forward to trying it out