An update from Dozens and Project Imagine about Wirecard

Thanks Rob. And kudos to you, @AC and the rest of the Dozens team for sorting the issues but also in being so transparent and accessible throughout. Gold standard - you should be proud.


Well done team. All good :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s got to have been a mammoth week for you all already. Feet up and chill!

I’m sure you’ll look back on this in a few months and see it as a great inflexion point on to the next level🤞


What is the current timescale for money transfers to hit my dozens account? I sent money on Saturday and my balance still hasn’t updated

As I mentioned, we are still working through a long list but we are hopeful of completing this all this evening. If there happens to be any issue with a transfer, then you will either see it returned or we will be in touch with you directly.

Sorry for the delay, but keep an eye on your account this evening and if it is still not showing by the end of the day, then please email or use the in-app chat to reach out to customer service and we’ll get on to it first thing tomorrow.

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Fantastic news. A tremendous effort by @robert @ac and the whole Dozens team to recover a critical situation in only a few days of intensive teamwork and collaboration. I think Congratulations :champagne::clinking_glasses::tada: are in order.


Just a quick one, I ordered a replacement card last week. Its still not arrived. Is it because of the problem? I applied for transferwise on Friday and got my card yesterday… deffinately no problem with royal mail

New and replacement cards were held up as we weren’t sure if they’d be able to work. Not sure we’ve restarted printing yet but we’ll check tomorrow

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Thanks mate, there is no rush was only asking that’s all…

I’ve had transfers in since the last app notification. If you still don’t have your money by tomorrow, I’d follow this up with customer service.

All, so pleased to make this announcement on LinkedIn this morning:

Thank you so much for your incredible empathy and support for the team at Project Imagine and Dozens, despite being on the receiving end of issues yourself. This space felt like a true community this past week, and we are ever so grateful for your custom, support and understanding.

I hope we can continue to stay deserving of that in the future as we continue to bring you new cards, features and propositions. But for now, let me thank the team once more and wish them a very restful weekend ahead - it’s been a couple of weeks and a weekend in the middle, that none of us will forget jn a hurry! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, everyone. See you at a community event shortly I hope. :dozens: :muscle: :pray:


Is there any update on the card? Still not received it. I ordered replacement card last Wednesday I think.

Good news! And loving that you’re now providing card Issuance and agency banking services. Will those be a third brand under the PI umbrella, after Dozens and Pi1? If you’re up for it, do keep us updated on how that business takes off - just a guess, but I imagine there might be quite a few folk in the market for a new provider…

And do let me/us know if you need any beta testers for the Visa cards!


I want to be the first to get a Visa card


Liking this excitement! :star_struck: I can’t wait to see them too.


Visa is so much better. Link atm don’t take master card. Also the post office don’t take master card

Really, is this all post offices? I didn’t know that, which probably just goes to shows how long it’s been since I’ve posted something.

They do accept Mastercard - although I’ve had trouble with prepaid ones, but full debit/credit cards work fine for me (I frequently use my business debit Mastercard at my local Post Office).

It did take them a while to update their BINs to work with this though, so I can understand the frustration.

This needs some explanation, I think:

Post Office branches do tend to take MasterCard for purchases. The problem seems to be in using the Post Office’s banking services (cash withdrawals and deposits, balance enquiries and cheque deposits). Most fintechs use MasterCard. And most fintechs don’t subscribe to Post Office branch services.

So you frequently get folk trying to take money out over the counter (because they think this is just a standard card thing), discover their fintech isn’t supported and presume it’s a MasterCard thing (as that’s the only visible difference because most high street banks are on Visa).

And then you get the situation where, when paying by card, some local post offices seem to be running that through the branch banking systems instead of their standard merchant acquirer - as presumably there’s a financial benefit to them of doing that. This means that purchases don’t go through and you get stories of MasterCard (or Dozens, or Monzo or whoever) not working in Post Offices.