Advertising campaigns by dozens

I think we can all agree we don’t want EA to make a bank.

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Mwahah, what a concept… Loot crates, hoping you’ll get the no cost black card, but always end up with a pen? DLCs that unlock the ‘‘sepnd your money’’ function? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah one of those Argos pens too with the wobbly tip.


Quick update on this as I was moaning some 20 plus days back. Still no great change, 2949 in front of me, although I apparently was accepted for an account.

Guys, I really think this launch should have been researched and considered better. The 5% potential that was to be put into trust to protect investors, has been blown on the advertising budget, for a bank that can’t seem to open accounts. Based on the numbers the app shows (we can all agree it may not be up to date) it would suggest you’ve managed to set up about four accounts per day over the past month.

Guess I give up and just look for an alternative, but if everyones experience has been similar to mine, this fantastic venture will die before it began.

There are definitely a lot of people (I have no specific numbers though) being invited into from the queue all the time. However, people who were on the waiting list (separate from the in-app queue) are being prioritised due to their early faith in the product. Not all of those from the waiting list will be ahead of you in the in-app queue which could be why you haven’t seen your position move much.

Having said that, people being in your position and giving up on the queuing is very concerning. After all, for every 1 person that comes here to the forum (and other points of contact with dozens) to express their displeasure with the situation, how many others just silently give up?

However, this is a great app and well worth a try so I hope yourself and others do decide to give it a go once you are granted access. In my opinion dozens definitely deserves to succeed.


Hi Tony

I do appreciate that it appears to be a long process.

As I’ve tried to point out to people, the queue is an indication only of position as there are lots of things that come into play regarding the speed that you can get the invitation code.

The primary issue is that we signed up people to our waitlist over 6 months ago and their support gave us impetus personally, and with financial backers, to prove the viability of our ideas. In exchange, we promised them the chance to access the app first. Thousands of people supported us in that list, which was wonderful and very helpful. We are here, in part, because of them!

Once we made the app public, people were able to sign up and go through the application, but we still believe that it should not be someone’s interest in the fintech world alone that gives you priority over others - so it should not be that the first to download should automatically be the first to access the app.

While I appreciate that some of the earliest to sign up to the app have been waiting a while, we have been sending hundreds of codes already but they probably went to people who were on the waitlist and may have joined the “queue” behind you. You cannot assess the onboarding process only from your number in the queue.

Having said all this, we have now sent many of these waitlist invitations and I have also sent codes to those who were not on the waitlist. I am now sending 500-1000 codes each week so you really will get this very soon, but we can’t have 3000 people all joining on the same day without creating potential risks or bottlenecks.

Anyway, I wanted to respond in an honest and open way about this to show you we’re not resting or ignoring this concern, but we are trying to be fair to a LOT of different people all at the same time. I’m sure you’ll get your code very soon


Do you have to send these one by one personally or is there a button clicky thing?


Ha-ha Simon. Thats very “Blue Peter”. R-


I started a new job in London this week and I’ve seen several of the Dozens adverts which has been great to see! I’ve got my code and am waiting for my card to come through to activate it but am really excited for this!


Just saw my first Dozens ads in the wild, at Euston station on their video ad things on the escalators. Looked very smart!


Spotted in London old street!


Well spotted! I think they’re only just out

Same day, spotted another one Trafalgar Square.

Whenever there’s marketing, there must be something big in the plan.
(hopefully that answers many people’s questions regarding the roadmap! Be patient guys, obviously something need to keep secret, patience is the virtue!)

Best wishes, hope we hit the KPIs we need
Fingers crossed