Adding Dozens to Money Dashboard


I note that MDB has not as yet added Dozens to their list of supported institutions. It was a good while ago I asked them about it and I got a “we’ll pass your request to our developers” response, which is fair enough. I wonder though if the fact that Dozens is not a bank (yet) is preventing the adoption? R-

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@Rogerb I am with you on that, I am a fan of Moneydashboard myself, and would love my Dozens account to appear there too!
We don’t have to be a bank to be connected to money management apps, but we have to offer an API which we currently don’t. I am finding out for you where this is on our roadmap!


Thanks @katja - I knew you’d be on it. R-


I have recently started using Money Dashboard again, so this is definitely something I would like to see.