Account suspended with no notice

I can’t access the app because my “account is unavailable” and after phoning customer service twice I have an email response saying my account has been suspended, with no explanation why, and they can’t currently give a timeframe for resolution. I have to wait for an update by email.

I joined Dozens back in February, enticed by the 5% bonds which have still not been issued. Now I am locked out with no access to my money and no answers from Dozens.

Per the T&Cs:

We will inform you of any intention to suspend the use of your Dozens account, specifying the reasons for doing so, unless the provision of this information would compromise reasonable security measures or would otherwise be unlawful. Where it is not possible to notify you beforehand, we will do so immediately after suspending the use of your Dozens account. We will allow the use of your Dozens account as soon as practicable after the reason for suspending its use ceases to exist.

I had no notice about the suspension of my account, I only found out by calling customer service. It seems that others have had similar experiences based on Trustpilot reviews, and interestingly Dozens has not replied to these.

Can someone please address this?

Different bank, but the same principles apply to all regulated banks

It sounds like you’ve fallen foul off the anti money laundering checks.

As long as you provide the info they request and sit tight, you should be OK.

It’s really annoying when a bank legally can’t provide information, but that’s often why you’ll see reviews where banks “stop responding” or similar.

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Thank you for this info, which is really helpful. It still doesn’t explain why Dozen didn’t notify me:

I haven’t been asked for any further information yet.

Sometimes notification of anything is seen as tipping off iirc

Which is illegal for Dozens (Or any financial services provider, or any involved party) to do

Every bank will have a similar silence and just tell you that it’s locked.

Hi Rebecca

We have published our own post on the topic shared by @Gaoler (thank you for your help!) which might be of interest

I cannot comment on any individual circumstances here as this is public, but I’m sure that the Customer Service team will be doing their best to answer any questions or resolve this.

Please do write to and they will do what they can, but it would certainly help if you looked out for any emails that may have been sent that you might have missed.

Although this subject gets raised in reviews, it does not happen that often, but I can understand that it is upsetting and I can assure you this is not done lightly and will be dealt with as soon as we possibly can.


Thanks for sharing the link. I did search for “dozens account suspended” or “dozens account unavailable” as those were the terms I had encountered so far on this frustrating journey – just letting you know as you may want to tweak your post so that it comes up when other customers like me are trying to find answers. If I had found your article sooner than the reviews that would have been reassuring!

I have checked my spam and haven’t missed any emails. You can be sure I’m eyeing my inbox closely!


Hey Rob,

Good article but I believe there could be a couple of improvements to Dozens one

I think you should do the following:

  • Explain that not following the rules in this case could end up with Dozens being prevented from continuing their offering of services
  • Explain that it’s a criminal offense and could actually have persons within Dozens in legal trouble for tipping off
  • Show the relevant legislation so innocent customers can read and understand that you have no choice
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very good suggestions, thanks @Recchan - I’m due to take another look at some of the older blog posts and I’ll take that into account.

also a good suggestion - I’ll see what we can do to make it more discoverable to help reassure customers.


Hi all, happy to report that I got an email from Dozens’ Compliance team last night to say that my account has been reinstated :tada:

I suspect a transaction was flagged by some automated system, but all is resolved now.

Thanks everyone for the info.


Good to hear dozens sorted this quickly.

Pretty much the only thing banks seem to have control over in these situations is how fast they work through the case, which may speed it up a bit - hard to tell!