Abroad with dozens - worry free and happy


Where’s Pharrell when you need him?

Super simple and extra cool, used my new lemon (sorry dozens) card abroad. No charges, no hassles, no worry. Happy!

I know some other challenger banks offer fee free pos transactions abroad, but love the simplicity and fairness of dozens’ fees (or non fees :slight_smile: ). And i reckon a lorry load of other customers will too.


Very kind of you to say so.

Without giving away any state secrets, can you let us know where you used it?


Sure. In Poland, in an ATM and PoS contactless


Also working fine out here in Kuala Lumpur


So there are no fees for ATM withdrawals abroad currently?

Any idea how long that will be there for?

Of to US in September :wink:


From a investor point of view (:smiley::wink:) I do worry how sustainable limit free ATM withdrawals are for Dozens

Fingers crossed people don’t abuse but as we scale up it’s only a matter of time, surely?


No, there are not, and no plans for there to be

It is something we will have to monitor. However, from a business point of view, we are not specifically targeting an audience of travellers (unlike some others in this space for whom this is a focus), but wanting to attract a UK-wide audience of consumers looking for savings and returns, so foreign exchange will not necessarily represent a large percentage of activity with dozens (just an extra benefit when you do), and therefore be sustainable.

Of course, things can change, but that is the vision :slight_smile:


That’s fair enough :+1: I don’t think Monzo intended to be used as a travel card but it went that way

Obviously if you’re monitoring the usage and realise it’s costing shed loss you’ll change but good to preempt


The flip side of that is attracting customers. I won’t be tempted to use dozens as my main account unless the card use overseas were present. It’s not all downside, it’s very good at getting customers to try the account.


Absolutely :+1: from a customer point of view it’s excellent


I would have thought that is the point in investing in Dozens. There are enough banks trying to profit by taking every penny from customers (especially those spending outside the norm or in financial difficulty) rather than building a business around supporting them. And it seems the life of such banks is not going to get easier.


Yeah I get that and it’s why I’m currently all out monzo as they don’t charge ridiculous punitive fees

However it comes with a cost providing limit free withdrawals (Monzo has to alter to ÂŁ200 in a 30 period for example)


And I think punitive fees are going to become a bigger issue. I still see some challenger banks with them, even though they are technically not allowed (at least in the UK).

Where I think Dozens can shine is the simplicity afforded to a wide range of customers in different situations and lifestyles. This is something I do not think high street or the main challenger banks have been good at at all.

For me, high street bank fees don’t hurt if you follow the norm (stay in UK, stay within limits, don’t make mistakes). With most challenger banks, you have to follow their way, which varies. They might have foreign or UK ATM charges, foreign transaction charges with a low free limit (Monzo may make lot of money from customers who didn’t keep track, but at what cost?), lost card charges, high contract termination charges (for pay monthly accounts), or just poor support and lots of time lost with any issue.

It might sound like I want some perfect bank, which I do, but don’t expect that. But I do think there was a space for simpler, worry-free banking which looks to me like Dozens fills, which is also why I invested a bit.