A sad farewell


I must admit that I have similar feelings at the moment, I’ve looked forward to the launch of dozens, possibly too much so as I’m not particularly wowed by the working features. The budgeting tool needs to be more accurate in terms of adjusting according to under/over spending, the round ups should be instant and preferably show as one transaction rather than as its own, automated category allocation is incorrect much of the time - even when making a cash withdrawal it shows as general rather than ATM. Also, there should be interest rates on normal savings

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I don’t disagree, for the most part, with your other points. However, with this one it was mentioned very early that dozens can’t do this yet, in part because they are not currently a bank.


I think in my opinion, Dozens has come on leaps and bounds in a short space of time. The team and especially @AC know that not everything is 100% how they want it yet.

Dozens I’m sure hasn’t even launched publicly yet and are still onboarding those from the waiting list and seedrs investors. Yeah there’s still a lot to improve, refine and implement but I think it’s extremely impressive for what is essentially still a beta product.

I think that’s the benefit of being an early customer. You can give feedback on things that the team can take on board and fix for future app updates.

I don’t think Dozens can be compared to the likes of Monzo and Starling. Both of them have had banking licenses for quite a while now, and neither of them had the huge array of features when they first launched that they do now.

I really do hope that people don’t give up on Dozens, and do come back. This is nowhere near the finished product and will continue to keep evolving. It’s extremely exciting to be here at the start of a new fintech that really has the potential to be a huge competitor. That takes time though, and I’m extremely confident that @AC and the rest of the time know exactly what it takes to fully achieve their vision for Dozens.


This is why it’s sometimes easy to simply leave and not give honest and truthful feedback. Feedback can’t always be positive. Constructive negative feedback is sometimes more useful.

I have given my honest feedback why I’m not currently using dozens. It obviously resonates with people as many have agreed.

It’s not an attack, it’s not a comment on the dozens team. It’s customer feedback.


I can totally see it’s not an attack or a comment on the Dozens team. However, at this stage of a new product, I wouldn’t necessarily term any feedback that’s not positive as ‘negative’.

The team need to be made aware what is working and what is not. That is the point of the trailblazers group. It’s not there just to be full of threads of positive praise.

Dozens isn’t going to have a Monzo or a Starling type product just from the onset. They haven’t even launched publicly yet, so of course there’s needs to be patience and understanding that not everything will be working as maybe it should be. Also that there will be issues there for people looking to use it as a main account.

I think it’s good as well that you hold Dozens to the same esteem as the major players. It’ll mean that you’ll be even more impressed when they level their features and surpass what they’re doing.

I just think it’s a real shame you wanting to leave at the moment, as I think there’s feedback you could give that probably others haven’t picked up on. This helps the team shape their future direction.


What I find difficult to contemplate is that acceptance of the beta moniker and that it’s not a finished product. I agree that’s where it is.

However, I joined, and transferred in money due to an advert I saw on the London Underground advertising the 5% bonds. But yet when I joined, they were not available, and still aren’t. Neither are the investment products which also seemed interesting when I read the main website.

Again, I have no problem with that being the state of things and I read and understood the reasons why once I reached the forums.

But to me it is particularly galling to see tube advertising and a website marketing something that isn’t available. I appreciate I can just transfer my money out, but I had to invest time and effort and I checked the app several times a day until I got my invite code as I was excited at the prospects. Now I’m disappointed.

I also appreciate that dozens need that seed funding, and that they may have ran a little before they could walk with regard to getting all the ducks in a row, but it seems to be misleading people into joining if the headline products are not currently available.

The dozens home page STILL gives the impression these products are available, not in progress (there is a an asterisk on the app section to say the screens are examples, but not that the products are not available) I don’t go to London often, so I don’t know about the tube ads. I expect they have finished their run by now.


I feel very similarly. After such an extensive advertising campaign it’s very disappointing that the 5% bonds are still unavailable.

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Hi all, this is a great thread so do keep letting us know what we are doing not so well. We are committed to getting all of this right in the next few months and hopefully present you with a genuine alternative to your high street current account, plus access to simple investment products.

For what its worth, the timing of the ads and the bonds not being live is totally unintentional - as you guys know we ran a £100k Trailblazers Bond issuance in Feb that was already oversubscribed. But as a nascent regulated business, I personally had to weigh up the cost of disappointing you guys versus delaying the next issuance till everything is pitch perfect on the backend (and I mean risk frameworks, reporting etc not just front or back end tech thats visible to customers).

As we are pushing the boundaries on making financial products more accessible to retail users, and particularly as we are a licensed investment firm with an experienced management team, the regulatory expectations from us is much higher than just an emoney institution and I don’t want us to start on shortcuts, although its heartbreaking to see we have let you down.

Believe me, the team is working tirelessly through April to get this all back on soon, and hopefully in a month’s time, with a bunch of feature fixes and the bonds+invest shelf live, we will all be happy again. By 3Q, even more exciting partnerships and features are in store, and hopefully we can announce these in a roadmap view soon.

We are all so grateful for your early support, and I would hope that even when the above is complete, you continue to use this forum for pointing out any thing that can be done better. Just be gentle as we are still in step 4 or 5 of a thousand mile journey! :slight_smile: :pray:t3:

Update on Dozens' fixed-interest bonds and protection

Hi AC - good to hear from you. For my two penn’orth I would say that for me the excitement and apparent innovation seems to have gone flat. Very much appreciate that you are slavishly working behind the scenes - but we cannot see that. I don’t expect to be informed of all the triumphs but I do sense a malaise starting to creep in.

I love the idea of what you are attempting and I am trying to remain positive and loyal (I even got some shares) but I m struggling a little with the impact of the delays.

I appreciate Robert is away - but could someone put some pressure behind my replacement card (first reported 16 Feb)?

Thanks, R-

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Hey @Rogerb! Not all is bad while @robert is on hols, promise! :hugs: Could you PM me your details please I will go check with the service team re your card.


Really just weeks ago.

I think the ad campaign may have set expectations a bit high, but the timeframes we’re talking about are very narrow.

I’m looking forward to where dozens could be in six months, a year…


Not surprised you’re leaving dozens.

Unfortunately there’s too many people who are drinking the kool-aid of this ‘challenger’ financial institution, as their dogmatic perspective is all legacy banks = evil, all challenger institutions = saints. This is mostly based on factors such as the former wearing suits in the office while the latter don Bob Marley t-shirts. Therefore they will give dozens blind support no matter what.

For what it’s worth, I think it’s extremely unprofessional for dozens to still not have launched the “March” issuance of their heavily-advertised bond when we’re almost into the month of May.


Dozens is trying to achieve a phenomenal amount in months - things are going to go wrong from time to time along the way.

If you look at a company that’s only been running for a year, only put out their app weeks ago and is just closing a seedrs round and expect them to stick perfectly to their timetable, you’re going to be disappointed. There are limits! Pushing too hard will take you the way of Revolut…

Far from drinking koolaid, I’m really interested in the spend grow invest journey they’re promoting in the app - plus the fact they’re not planning to hit profitability via overdrafts and credit cards. Just to name a few things.

I don’t think legacy banks = evil - but where are the legacy banks taking this kind of original approach?


Personally, the only “mistake” I think Dozens has made was to go big on the advertising so soon.

But it’s the whole chicken and egg scenario…

Do you get a fairly large customer base/wait list which looks good to investors, before having a fully functional service?

Or do you build a fully functional service (which could take a long time), and then try and entice people in (by which point, the potential customers might be committed elsewhere).

I’m surprised it’s taken so long to get the second issuance out, especially as the first one seemed to have gone through smoothly (for me at least) - But you have to take on board what @AC said, about the “behind the scenes” systems needing to be bulletproof.

The fact that they’ve come out and explained pretty much every little delay and future plan is great in my opinion. There will be a point where these delays aren’t going to be accepted by a large portion of the customer base, but I think we are likely to be 2 years away from that point (for reasonable customers who understand the “start up” scene at least).

There is plenty of opportunity ahead, there’s no point in rushing out half baked features which turns it into a smouldering mess.

It’s refreshing to see a “slow and steady” approach, especially after the whirlwind that was the first part of the Dozens journey.

All my opinion of course, and everyone will have different feelings on what they want :smiley:


Guessing you need to change your username :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not going anywhere, but my money will have to for the time being. I was waiting for bonds, but without knowing when it’s tricky. I currently have a lot in the account (by my standards) and was hoping to leave it there with some in bonds earning interest. Alternatively I could do a simple online move to get 1%, or a slightly more involved moved to 1.5%, easy access being essential. Still I would have rather left it here earning money for me and dozens


I get the kool-aid bit. I saw it with Revolut until I realised they were about as transparent as a castle wall. As well as dozens, Barclays have my custom and will continue to so (due to a product they offered when I was in financial difficulty).

I personally don’t see it as unprofessional, perhaps just over-ambitious. The issue there is how else do you get noticed in such a market? With hindsight, given available interest rates elsewhere, perhaps 2.5% would have been a better offer.


I’m not a serial checker-inner, I see no movements, updates or progression, where are these 5% returns?

Currently I’m keeping my Dozens activity and, in turn, ‘savings’ to a minimum because there’s no growth on this money.

No 5% bonds and no bid process link.

At the end of the day it is what I was essentially buying into and it’s not being delivered.

What is the latest please?


My understanding is that the next bond issuance will only take place shortly after the Seedrs crowdfunding campaign has ended. How long ‘shortly’ is has not been stated as far as I am aware. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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The Dozens crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs will be closing on 30th April at 6pm.

From email received today.