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Save and Invest πŸ’° For any help with the <em>Save and Invest</em> sections of the dozens app. Card & Payments πŸ’³ Support for anything related to the dozens card or any types of payment. Savers’ Awards πŸ… For any question about the dozens monthly <em>Savers’ Awards</em> and prizes. General πŸ€·β€ If there’s anything else in dozens you need help with. Spend and Track πŸ’Έ For any help with the <em>Spend and Track</em> sections of the dozens app.
Early testing accounts - joining the feedback group ( 2 3 ) [General πŸ€·β€] (45)
Direct Debits [Spend and Track πŸ’Έ] (2)
Weekly income [Spend and Track πŸ’Έ] (1)
Early-bird sign ups to the dozens app [General πŸ€·β€] (15)
Credit vs debit card usage? [Spend and Track πŸ’Έ] (9)
Change of address while on waiting list [General πŸ€·β€] (2)
Reporting bugs, errors or questions ( 2 ) [General πŸ€·β€] (34)
List of ETFs? [Save and Invest πŸ’°] (10)
Terms & Conditions [General πŸ€·β€] (7)
Forum software - Discourse? [General πŸ€·β€] (7)
So when is Dozens actually launching? [General πŸ€·β€] (7)
Core banking platform [General πŸ€·β€] (1)
Using Dozens Abroad [Spend and Track πŸ’Έ] (10)
Interest bearing accounts ( 2 ) [Save and Invest πŸ’°] (21)
Trouble signing up [Spend and Track πŸ’Έ] (9)
Can't verify I'd [General πŸ€·β€] (6)
Credit Reference Agencies [General πŸ€·β€] (5)
The mobile dialling code change [General πŸ€·β€] (4)
Need some help? [Need some help?] (1)
Getting started on wearedozens [General πŸ€·β€] (2)

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